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Fitness Treadmill
This modern Fitness Treadmill is available with 12 program modes, handrail buttons and easy-to-use front transportation wheels. This is ideal to make the workout a fun and entertainment with its device holder mounted on the console.
Recumbent Bike
Recumbent Bike is one of the attractions of fitness freaks, who want to get good results and body shape. This comes with smooth pedaling, heavy flywheel and big LCD screen to ensure enjoyable workout.
Chest Press Machine
This Chest Press Machine is ideal to build the pectoral muscles, deltoids, biceps and latissimus dorsi muscles. It works by placing the arms under a weight-bearing load to push it away from the chest and return to the starting position.
Triceps Exercise Machine
Triceps Body Machine is developed to engage a wide variety of muscle during one workout session. It safely and accurately addresses different areas of chest, shoulders, triceps, etc. and strengthens each of them. It also meets the complete physical demands of athletic capabilities.
Weight Benches
Weight Benches are the perfect addition to home gym or training studio. They are great for meeting the different demands of all fitness levels as they are suitable for a variety of bench press exercises.
Weight Tree
This durable, sturdy and simple Weight Tree is designed with a reinforced triangle-plate base, re-positioned posts and wheels for mobility. It is available with bolt-together design to enhance overall stability.
Shoulder Press Machine
This Shoulder Press Machine is perfect for making shoulder muscles strong and flexible. It is available in durable frame and comfortable padding to match the different demands of the clients.
Abdominal Exercise Machine
Abdominal Exercise Machine is available with easy entry and exit design. It is designed with 4 position adjustable roller pads having dual hand grips. In addition to this, it is available with contoured lumbar pad to ensure pelvic stabilization.
Leg Curl Machine
Leg Curl Machine is available with high-tensile strength steel mainframe with 4-side welding. It comes with double, powder-coat finishing for protecting against any kind of scratching, chipping and peeling.
Leg Extension Machine
Leg Extension Machine is designed to work mainly the quadriceps muscles, rectus femoris and vastus muscles. This ensures to build lower body strength and muscle for strength training workout.
Leg Press Machine
Leg Press Machine is available with electro statically applied powder coating to ensure resistant to abrasion and rust. This comes with rubberized weight plate that ensures noiseless work out.